Rock with ancient charm
Il Marmo

of the technique
meets beauty of art

The workmanship signed by Il Marmo is distinguished by the careful selection of raw materials, the perfect precision of the joints, the skilful combination of shapes, the sophisticated combination of colors, the multiplicity of artistic styles. Unique creations, which enhance the environments in which they are placed further emphasizing their value and prestige.


The great experience in the field of natural stone processing allows Il Marmo to offer solutions able to enhance the environments through furnishings and accessories, such as the marble cladding of furniture, tables and kitchen tops, all exclusively made to measure.


An expressive form consolidated by tradition that finds today a new potential thanks to technical innovation in order to create carpets, medallions, decorations of absolute perfection.


Both on walls or floors, the marble cladding contributes to the creation of a particular atmosphere and responds to the scenographic needs of those who developed the architectural project.